Kryll ICO

Kryll ICO

Kryll aims to become the core platform for cryptomone traders who want to use the most advanced tools and strategies, as well as the information available in the community to get the best profits from crypto markets.

The platform will provide users with intuitive ways to create exchange strategies and the ability to set them up for automatic execution. Users can create trading tools that they can test safely before putting them into operation to take advantage of market movements as if they were online 24/7.

The technology
Kryll’s technology, called “What You See Is What You Trade” is a visual interface that includes blocks and streams that integrate the information available to facilitate the implementation of trading strategies.

This interface can include market data, market shares, and tips from other users.

Once the interface has been created, users can test it using a 6-month “backtesting” data or using sandstone current market information.

The company also offers the option to rent these user-generated strategies to other members, from which the authors receive a percentage of the profits of those using these tools. Rental fees are set by the authors of the strategy (in KRL), without a commission imposed by the platform.

In order to facilitate the supervision of the strategy, Kryll also provides a mobile application that will send notifications on the implemented actions and their results.

The Kryll platform will be interconnected through the API at all major exchanges, providing the option to trade the preferred currency on the preferred platform. In the first phase, the interconnection is made with the Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Coinbase / Gdax, Cryptopia,, Binance, HitBTC, Bitstamp and Kraken platforms.

KRL coin
The Kryll platform is based on tokens called KRL that will be consumed to use the trading strategy (each move on the market will cost a fraction of KRL, depending on the complexity of the action). Strategy creation and testing is free, and the platform will not charge any other charge.

The initial token sale will fund the development of the platform and a marketing strategy for attracting members. After the initial sale, users using trading strategies will pay a fee that will be recovered in time to be used for the operation, maintenance and expansion of the company.

The business plan on which it is based takes into account that if 0.2% of users spend an average of $ 6 per month (about 10 KRLs), operating costs will be covered. Based on this estimate, one-third of revenue will be invested in development projects.

Kryll ICO
Token sale will start on February 7, 2018 and will end on March 20, 2017.
The proposed available amount is 220,000,000 at a price of $ 0.2 / token. The minimum amount for investors is $ 200.

Accepted currencies – BTC – BCH – ETH – LTC – ZEC – DASH
Bonus system:

Feb 07 – Feb 08 30% bonus
Feb 09 – Feb 12 25% bonus
Feb 13 – Feb 19 20% bonus
Feb 20 – Feb 26 10% bonus
Feb 27 – Mar 05 5% bonus
Mar 06 – Mar 20 No bonus
Users who have participated in ICO will be able to view the “alpha edition”, called the “Founders Edition” of the platform, and may also receive additional bonuses by recommending other members.
Upon completion of the ICO, the KRL token will be listed on four exchange platforms (Cryptopia, KuCoin, HitBTC, Bittrex) to extend the number of platform users.

The Kryll Team
The Kryll project is owned by Cryptense S.A.S, a blockchain technology company located in southern France. Cryptense is active in three major areas – mining and optimization, consultancy and advice in blockchain technology and the development of automated trading tools for cryptomonas.

Team members behind this project have not been involved in major cripto projects but have been active in the field for some years and have initiated the project to solve the frustrations and problems they have encountered on existing exchange platforms.

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