Coincheck’s stolen funds were not sent to the cripto exchanges

Coincheck’s stolen funds were not sent to the cripto exchanges

XEM tokens worth 58 billion yen stolen from the Coincheck exchange are moved from one wallet to another, according to the NEM Foundation. So far, however, they have not made any changes.

Somewhere at 500 million XEMs were stolen from Coincheck’s cryptocurrency exchange last week after a massive cyber attack. Despite speculation, those behind the attack have not yet tried to sell them, according to a statement made on Wednesday morning by the foundation.

Funds were not sent to exchanges. As long as those funds are out of public exchange, it will be very difficult to liquidate, especially in such large amounts, “the group said.

The Reuters news agency wrote that NEM Foundation Vice President Jeff McDonald wrote that the hacker or hackers started by trying to move the stolen funds to six different shifts to sell them.

But the information is not exactly accurate, according to NEM promoter in Europe, Paul Rieger.

There have been 11 XEM 100 trades from one of the hackers’ accounts to random accounts. Nothing sold. No exchange transactions have been attempted.

Reiger said in the past that his group branded all accounts containing stolen coins. His team also helped develop a system to automatically mark any stolen coins, but also the accounts in which they appeared.

On Wednesday, the Japanese press reported that the chips were transferred to 20 different accounts within five days. The transfers were made on Friday, January 26 and Tuesday, January 30th. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating these transfers.

Japanese publications also wrote that the sums were sent to nine different accounts. Each of them received 11,000 yen (it is not clear where they came to this conclusion). The NEM Foundation has not confirmed this information.

In the statements, the NEM Foundation noted that it would be difficult for the hacker to liquidate much of the stolen money, and the currency developers continue to monitor the accounts in any case.

Even if the news did not have a major impact on the XEM price, Coincheck promised to give people money back. As a result, the price reached new 1.22 dollars, but since then it has fallen again to $ 0.76.

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