North Korea has stolen millions of criptomone exchanges last year

North Korea has stolen millions of criptomone exchanges last year

South Korean officials believe that North Korea has stolen millions of dollars in criptocurrency last year, according to local reports.
North Korea stole millions of criptocurrency exchanges last year – The Kyodo News publication reports that the National Intelligence Service, the Territorial Intelligence Reporting Authority, said phishing attacks and other similar methods helped North Koreans to collect tens of billions of won in criptocurrency . The publication also writes that South Korean authorities are studying whether the same attackers are behind Coincheck theft last month, when South Korean trade was damaged by more than $ 500 million in criptocurrency.

The last year’s attack on the Bithumb exchange led to losses of 8 billion won. In addition, the personal information of about 30,000 clients was stolen.

South Korean member Kim Byung-kee also spoke about the impact of phishing attacks.

North Korea has sent emails that have been able to break criptocurrency and private customer information and steal billions of won.

Isolated North Korea has been involved in exchanges and scams attacks on several occasions, but also in unsuccessful attempts to steal criptocurrency from trading sites. Last year, police officers claimed North Korean attackers tried to trick 25 employees out of four shots using spear phishing attacks. It seems that none has fallen prey to the trials.

North Korea’s attempts to rob exchanges were first observed by Fire Eye cyber security firm and later confirmed by government officials.

The rebellious nation seems to be looking to steal criptocurrency to get rid of the financial sanctions imposed by the United Nations, especially those voted after they recently tested nuclear bombs.

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