Black Monday shows that bitcoin is not as dangerous as the authorities think

Black Monday shows that bitcoin is not as dangerous as the authorities think

If we look at the headlines in the past few weeks, we’ll find all sorts of analysts who say the bitcoin bull has broken. I always claim that it is much safer to make traditional investments such as equities or scholarships. There is much talk about volatile price movements.
Black Monday – However, Monday, February 5, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 1175 points. It lost more value in one day than the entire crypto ecosystem in the last six weeks.

Black Monday of 2018

It was the black Monday on February 6th. And scholarships around the world and cryptocurrency plunged a few billion yesterday. Industrial Dow Jones (Dow) and a large share of the world’s stock fell 22:40 (Romania time). The decrease was higher than in 2008, in a full economic crisis. Yesterday, the scholarship broke all records. Not only has he reminded us of the recent crisis, but also of other “black months” – 1929, 1987 and 2000. However, the mainstream press does not throw as fast as “collapse” and “bursting bubbles “. However, Dow lost in one day more value than the entire bears market in 2018.

Some reports say the liquidation on the stock exchange pushes the funds to the crypto market

In addition to madness on the stock market, Business Insider published a report saying “money is running on the crypto market during liquidation on the stock market.” The Dow Index began to take the valley at 2:40 am in the afternoon of the US. Twenty minutes later the market volume of cryptocurrency increased by 7%.

“cryptocurrency were hit with equities last week,” a report released Monday.

But the liquidation on the stock exchange seems to have made investors turn to digital coins in search of a safe alternative.

Yesterday the bitcoin-dollar markets fell 20% in 24 hours, reaching a minimum of $ 5900. The market has lost about $ 18 billion. The next day, the bitcoin markets returned considerably back to $ 7,200. The Dowo Index was hit once at the opening of Tuesday markets. He lost 500 points, but has since recovered much of the morning’s loss. However, Dow, S & P 500, Nasdaq and much of the traditional investment are worrying. Dow shows a slight recovery, but many other investment vehicles are still losing. Moreover, European markets are declining rapidly after the Americans and Asians have been set.

When the bitcoin falls, the press states this is the end

In the past week, the press has told Bitcoin that they are dead and have published reports saying they will never come back. We have at least seven new editorials per day saying that the bitcoin is “finished”, all written since the beginning of January. The press does not hesitate to tell the public that the bitcoin has died and many publishers tell people to sell.

On Tuesday, on February 6, the press is pessimistic about the scholarship. But there are not many publishers who write that the market is collapsing or that the stock market is broken.

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