Analysts make predictions for the crypto market in 2018

Analysts make predictions for the crypto market in 2018

Bitcoin Predictors 2018 – Bitcoin and crypto markets have been pessimistic over the last six weeks. Many investors are waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. Last year at the time, we were talking about the optimistic predictions for 2017. Now, even after a fairly long period of bitcoin price was below expectations, many influential industry and outside investors are remarkably optimistic about the market in 2018.

The Wall Street wizard thinks the markets will be worth $ 50,000, and then they’ll be up and running

As early as December 16, 2017, crypto markets entered a drop that seemed to be over. The bitcoin market beat records at $ 19,600 per pound and dropped to $ 7,200 six weeks later. Many traders set all sorts of minima. Some said the storm almost passed, others that the price could fall even further. However, with all the apocalyptic charts and the minimum price bid, many industry and industry executives believe the 2018 will be as phenomenal for bitcoin as last year. With bitcoin predictions 2018, the best-informed traders are optimistic.

On Jan. 31, Jordan Belfort, known on the Wall Street Wolf, has excused himself in an interview that he does not believe Bitcoin is a scam. He believes, however, that Wall Street investors can easily manipulate crypto decentralized markets. Belfort thinks that the bitcoin will exceed the peak of last year and that it will be over $ 50,000 before it drops again.

Tom Lee from Fundstrat – Crypto market remains intact

Three days ago, Tom Lee from investment firm Fundstrat published a report in which he talked about the pessimistic situation of the bitcoin market. Lee believes the markets will reach $ 20,000 by mid-year and $ 25,000 by the end of 2018.

“We had a few terrible weeks, but the fundamentally positive story of the crypto market remains the same,” said research director at Fundstrat Global Advisors.

“Past liquidations have been followed by rallies of around 150% over the next 84 days,” Lee said. “In other words, we think we need to talk about the relationship between risk and reward, even if we have some disadvantages.”

Nine executives and investors predict the bitcoin price until the end of 2018

This week spoke about nine well-known Fintech investors and their predictions in 2018. The studio’s cryptocurrency include bitcoin, bitcoin cash, cardano, ethereum, and nine other popular digital coins. The participants were Clayton Daniel from Fintech Founder, Michael Dunworth, director and co-founder of Wyre, Joseph Raczinski of Reuters and other top executives.

According to the study, they predicted an average price of $ 14938 until March 1. By the end of the year, nine candidates said the markets would reach 43472 dollars. Contributors also believe that bitcoin cash will reach 2167 dollars by March and 3083 dollars by the end of the year. The study in February shows that the participants believe Cardano will have the biggest increase this year, with more than 1669% and will reach 10.63 dollars. Each of the study participants commented on the predictions and said why they think the market will reach this level.

“I think the bitcoin will give good seed to scalability solutions. ETF platforms that integrate buying / selling bitcoin will provide an opportunity for adoption on the market, “said Dunworth.

We are still at an early stage

Only Greyson, founder of Neureal Network, who has been named one of eight top women in crypto in recent years by Chipin, says the adoption of cryptocurrency has just begun.

“As adoption continues in this area, we will see an increase in bitcoin along with other things. Ease of use of this new class continues to be a problem, “says Greyson, director of Neureal Network.

“As we discover new opportunities to use cryptocurrency to pay for burger and rent, we will see an increase in value across the grid. We are still at an early stage ”

Apart from all the mainstream headlines predicting that the bitcoin will continue to fall to zero, there are many who believe that bitcoin and other cryptocurrency will continue the triumphal march in 2018. Usually, if there is no phenomenon on the market, the old saying ” which climbs must also come down “is true. But it is also reversal. When the market falls, there is an increase.

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