T-Mobile filed with the Tribunal in a case of cryptocurrency theft

T-Mobile filed with the Tribunal in a case of cryptocurrency theft

T-Mobile claimed for expose a client’s funds.

The use of cryptocurrency requires a great personal responsibility in terms of data security. Investors should ensure not only that they use best security practices but also need to hope that service providers that have the potential to jeopardize the security of their data also do so. In a recent cause of a federal court, a T-Mobile client claims the company because he exposed his hacker funds / data.

T-Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS), the third-largest wireless provider in the United States, is facing a customer trial for alleged cryptocurrency theft. Carlos Tapang of the State of Washington claims that T-Mobile “wrongly allowed offenders to access their mobile account on November 7, 2017”

According to the process, the company’s precarious security measures allowed offenders to transfer the phone number to an AT & T account that they could control without its consent. With this data, they managed to change the password of one of its exchange cryptos accounts and steal the cryptocurrency. “T-Mobile could not see this security breach until the next day,” says Tapang. Hackers then transferred 1,000 OMG chips (omisego) and 19.6 chips (bitconnect), exchanged them in 2,875 BTC ($ 20,466.55 at that time), and Bitcoin withdrew it from its exchange account.

T-Mobile is partly responsible for losses because a PIN had to be added to the account before November 7, but the measure was not implemented. The company is also accused of allowing scams to repeatedly call T-Mobile – customer support until finally a representative gives them control over their account without verification of their identity.

In addition to the loss of its bitconnect and OMG coins, Tapang claims he also suffered “emotional distress” because he could not use his phone and had to “waste time, energy and spend money” to solve the problem. For this reason, he seeks not only financial damage, but also a moral reward, demanding that the federal court force T-Mobile to implement more security measures to prevent similar incidents occurring in the future.

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