More and more scammers in the crypto world – Attention!

More and more scammers in the crypto world – Attention!

The Austrian authorities are working with Interpol to identify suspects in a scam that killed the victims a few tens of millions of dollars.

Namely, a company called Optioment, located in Austria, drew approximately 10,000 investors promising 4% per week of cryptocurrency transactions. According to the Die Presse news channel, the investment fund ended its activity at the end of last year and was reported to the authorities by the Austrian Financial Market Authority, suspected to be a pyramid scheme.

Investors from Austria, Poland, Germany and other European countries lost almost 12,000 bitches, and Interpol is currently trying to identify taxpayers. So far, two suspects from Austria have been identified and other people from Denmark, Latvia and Germany are followed, but no arrests have been made.

In the Ukraine, Cisco security experts work with the police to identify the responsible in a phishing scam – taking advantage of the popularity of the site, the largest provider of digital wallets, the victims were attracted to sites similar and their cryptocurrency were stolen.

Cisco has investigated the situation for 6 months and has estimated that over the past 3 years, those behind the scam have earned about $ 50 million.

Using Google AdWords to attract victims to sites such as or, scammers targeted specific geographic regions and took advantage of the inattention of victims to evade their cryptocurrency.

Targets were especially countries where the local currency is unstable (like Nigeria and Ghana), and English is known at a low level, so visitors do not notice the differences in naming websites first.

Cisco specialists have concluded that phishing using Google AdWords is very effective, and the ones interested in cryptocurrency are a favorite target of offenders.

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