Bitcoin Enigma – the most popular rebounding puzzle game in the BTC after mining

Bitcoin Enigma – the most popular rebounding puzzle game in the BTC after mining

In many ways, bitcoin is the biggest puzzle game in the world. All sorts of couch detectives spent countless hours trying to find out who is the anonymous creator of the cryptocurrency, and the miners spent even more trying to find the missing piece to solve each block and get the bitcoin reward. It seems logical to have a new wave of puzzle games to offer bitcoin or crypto rewards.

Bitcoin Enigma game, more and more exciting

Bitcoin Enigma is a new game that takes the example of another puzzle – The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto. The latter was conceived in 2015 but received more attention two weeks ago after the complex game was resolved. He has earned him $ 50,000 bitcoins, plus extra cash bitcoin and other bifurcated cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Enigma, a new series of 24 puzzles, has a “bit” prize, but it’s more than enough to attract a new wave of detectives to try to undo their mysteries.

The game is developed by Gem Rose Collective and will be launched on February 20th. It allows players to “leave clues along the way or mess up other players, leading them the wrong way.” The screenshots show the Montecrypto – The Bitcoin Enigma game of an RPG, with atmospheric illustrations of faded buildings and a staggering labyrinth of stairs and passages. The most interesting aspect of the game is not the visual effects, but the theory. Players must decide whether to work together to solve the 24 puzzles or to solve themselves, seeking to discourage rivals by giving false clues.

A puzzle game

As for game theory, Montecrypto somewhat resembles Neon District, developed by the same artist who made the puzzle concepts of Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto. The Chief Developer talks about “inspired cypherpunk ethos, playful cryptography applications, the love of creating and solving puzzles using steganography and the hacker mentality … cyberpunk and steampunk genres, classical card games and role-playing games and night games from childhood, plus coding. ”

Neon District is a game based on ethereum, which can be played using the Metmask browser wallet. Monecrypto is more like a lottery game. It costs $ 1.99 sign-up. Rather than lucky luck, success depends on abilities, lesser or greater degree of cunning, strategy, and puzzle solving. Players who think they can handle the challenges should go to the Frequently Asked Questions page and visit the Github repository where the first clues are believed to be.

Like Satoshi Nakamoto, game developers have decided to remain anonymous for now. But they said they were “big fans of treasure hunters, and they were inspired by riddles like the chorete d’or, a statue of an owl buried in 1993, with some clues that were muddy public. Since then, no one has solved the riddle to get the gold and silver owl of 15 pounds. ”

Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma

All of this may seem very interesting. The only downside is, of course, that to find out whether the prize is real or not, you must register and pay the $ 1.99. The aspiring detectives might conclude that it is a risk they are prepared to assume.

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