Weekend News – Another billionaire in bitcoin | Ellen DeGeneres talks about bitcoin | Bitfinex wants to launch a decentralized exchange

Weekend News – Another billionaire in bitcoin | Ellen DeGeneres talks about bitcoin | Bitfinex wants to launch a decentralized exchange

An anonymous trader bought bitcoins of $ 400 million

It’s coming in or not. This is the motto of an investor who put everything on the table. The mysterious investor bought 400 million dollars worth of bitcoins.

The investment comes at a time when cryptocurrency have a comeback after a terrible 2018 start. Large cryptocurrency lost about 50% of value at the beginning of the year. The decline was attributable to regulatory fears and traders’ insecurity, which liquidated their positions in January and February. Meanwhile, the trend has changed.

The bitcoin price has risen by more than 60% compared to the 6 February bills, when a stock was traded at $ 6,000. Now, it has grown over $ 10,000. The impetus for growth has given him positive talk and recognition from Washington officials.

“It is not known who is that big buyer, but many have bought at a minimum and made a profit after the price returns and after the regulatory situation has become clearer in the US and Asia,” said Alex Sunnarborg, founding partner at Tetras Capital.

The unknown trader with bitcoin address 3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64 bought chips between February 9 and 12, increasing the balance from 55,000 coins to more than 96,000.

The transaction, which was discussed all over the social networks, forums and online chatting, encouraged traders who said the $ 6,000 price was the absolute minimum.

“In all this time, the $ 400 million whale feeds talks on the Telegram channels, where traders say all sorts of conspiracy theories,” said Jeff Koyen, president of the 360 ​​Blockchain USA. “I’m willing to believe that after seeing the bitcoin hit the $ 6,000 minimums, Wall Street people smelled of blood and went back into the market.”

After the bitcoin has passed $ 10,000, we can say that the address has entered the bitcoin billionaire club.

Presenter Ellen DeGeneres about bitcoin – times worth $ 20,000 or nothing

The Bitcoin again came to the attention of the uninitiated last week. During a segment of her television show, comedian Ellen DeGeneres spoke about cryptocurrency.

DeGeneres has made some pointers about the coin and said the bitcoin is “like a turn of the story in a movie you do not really like”

“Everyone talks about bitcoin. No one understands it. All your friends look and pretend to understand, you pretend that you understand, but nobody has any idea, “she said.

Ellen told those watching her show – somewhere in a few million people on each episode – to imagine the bitcoin as a picture of a goat on the Internet.

“It’s adorable and you want to take her to her arms and caress her. But you can not, because it is not there, there is only on the Internet, just as the Bitcoin is a digital coin, “she said.

DeGeneres said he would choose the goat instead of the bitcoin and told the investors: “You’ll either be billionaires or fake.”

Comedy has made jokes at the expense of digital wallets, looking at their vulnerabilities. He said it seemed like a stunt of Jimmy Kimmel (another presenter of a humorous show in America):

“Digital wallets can either be applications on the phone or small hard drives – which is a very good idea. Who would not want to put all his savings on a piece of plastic that you can accidentally put in the washing machine? “He bit his bitcoin.

Even if the bitcoin piece might be disregarded, DeGeneres’s segment may reflect the way bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are seen by less interested people.

And other celebrities have made comments in recent years about cryptocurrency. Some have come to the news for bitcoin investments – like 50 Cent rapper – and other cryptocurrency, or for supporting an ICO or another. Others even accept payment in bitcoin for products and shows.


Crypto regulations? Not in the near future, according to officials from the White House

White House officials said Friday that legislation surrounding cryptocurrency would not materialize too soon.

In an interview with CNBC at the Munich Security Conference, the White House Cyber ​​Security Coordinator and President Rob Royce’s special assistant said a few words about Senate hearings, legal activities and public opinion.

“I think we are still studying and trying to understand the good and bad ideas of this ecosystem. So I do not think we’re close to regulation, “Joyce said.

His comments are consistent with the words of US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Joyce said he was more worried about the short-term use of bitcoin for criminal purposes. He emphasized that bitcoin transactions are irreversible – a feature of how the network works – about which they worry.

“We are worried. There are benefits of the bitcoin concept – digital money, digital coins, “he said. “At the same time, if you look at the way the Bitcoin works after an offense, you will see that you can not put the clock back and take the cryptocurrency back. We have not figured out how this is still going on, so it’s a problem. ”

A US Treasury representative has asked the international community to help solve cyber threats. He said earlier this week that a well-coordinated global effort is the only way to prevent “robbery regimes” and terrorists exploiting the bitcoin pseudo-anonymity to engage in illicit activities.

Several leaders around the world are of the same opinion. Among them is Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund, who recently said in an interview that the IMF is trying to prevent the illegal use of cryptocurrency and supports internationally coordinated regulations.

Bitfinex Plans Launch of Decentralized Exchange Eosfinex

Bitfinex has announced that it will launch a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the platform Eos.io. The new platform, Eosfinex, will be the first exchange to be hosted using Eos.io’s decentralized application infrastructure.


Bitfinex has made a partnership with EOS to create a decentralized exchange

Bitfinex plans to launch a decentralized exchange called Eosfinex. Bitfinex promises that the new service will provide “a fast, transparent, uncompromising platform to trade in digital coins.” This platform will be the first decentralized exchange built using the Eos.io protocol.

JL Van Der Velde, Bitfinex executive director, said: “We are very excited to use EOS.io to carry forward the trustless exchange area with good performance and exchanges directly on the blockchain. Block.one continues to show that they are dedicated and want to improve the scalability of the block by the EOS.io platform. We hope this collaboration will allow decentralized exchanges to move forward. ”

Van Der Velde also suggests that decentralized exchanges “represent fundamental transformative capabilities for the blockchain industry.”

Meanwhile, there is much speculation about Bitfinex’s opaque banking practices. According to a post on Reddit, Bitfinex directed his clients seeking to file a transfer to a banking institution that was not previously associated with Bitfinex. The Reddit user claims to have been directed to deposit his funds with a Portuguese-owned banking corporation, Caixa General de Depositos.

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