New services on COBINHOOD: crypto to fiat / fiat to crypto

New services on COBINHOOD: crypto to fiat / fiat to crypto

COBINHOOD Exchange came out with great news for its traders: you can start using USD transactions. It has partnered with Epay to provide the following trading methods:

  • Use USD to trade BTC
  • Use USD to trade ETH
  • Use USD to trade USDT

You can start trading Fiat on COBINHOOD in a few simple steps:

1. Create and verify your account on Epay

  • Go to, and click “Sign up” at the top-right corner
  • Fill in the needed information, and click “Sign Up”.
  • Fill in the Email Verification Code you received in your email.
  • Scan the QR code using Google Authenticator and fill in the Google Authenticator code. Click “Confirm.” (Learn more about how to set up Google Authenticator:
  • Fill in the PIN code from your email and Google Verification Code from your Google Authenticator. Click “Confirm.”
  • Congratulations! You have successfully created an account on Epay.

 2. Get your Epay account verified

  • Log in to Epay (
  • Go to “Account Setting”.
  • Click “Certificate Authority” at the left side of the page.
  • Complete the information needed by clicking “Update” for both Identity Authentication and Address Authentication.
  • You will be able to deposit or withdraw after your account’s been successfully verified.

3. Get your COBX account verified to KYC level 3

  • Once logged in, click the top right button for the menu to slide out.
  • Click Account > Profile.
  • If your account is level 1 completed, click “Level Up” to start your level 2 application.

  • If your account is Level 2 approved, click “Level Up” to start your level 3 application.
    **Make sure you have already passed KYC level 2. If your account is still at level 1, you need to complete level 2 application first.
    **Provide the needed information for KYC level 3: Registered email on COBINHOOD / ID verification / Selfie / Residence verification.
  • It would take1-2 working day to process the application. You will get an email notification of the result by then.

4. Deposit fiat currencies to your Epay account

  • There are 2 ways to deposit fiat currencies to your Epay account.
    • Via Wire Transfer
    • Via Payeer / Perfect Money / Advcash / Fasapay
      ***Get your Epay account verified before you deposit fiat currencies to Epay.

Via Wire Transfer

  1. Log in to your Epay account. (
  2. Select “Deposit & Withdraw” > “Deposit” > “Bank”.
  3. Add your bank information if you are using the Wire Transfer service for the first time.
  4. Fill in all the information and click “Next“.
  5. Check all the information and click “Confirm“.
  6. After submitting the order, transfer the money to Epay bank account.
  7. Then update your order status at “Transaction Record”. Once Epay confirms receipt of money, your order is completed. ***Please upload bank receipt when updating order to speed up the process. Wire transfer normally takes 1- 5 working days.

***Please note that:

  • For Wire Transfer, you need to verify your account first (PS: All the information needs to be real).
  • The minimum deposit amount by Wire Transfer is 1,000 USD.
    For Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan is 10,000 USD.
  • There’s no deposit fee for Epay Wire Transfer.


Via Payeer / Perfect Money / Advcash / Fasapay

  1. Log in to your Epay account. (
  2. Click “Deposit and Withdraw” > “Deposit” > “E-currency.

  3. Choose the deposit method: Payeer / Perfect Money / Advcash / Fasapay.

  4. Click to confirm your deposit order.
  5. Then redirect to Payeer / Perfect Money / Advcash / Fasapay payment page, please complete payment directly.
  6. Congratulations, your order has been submitted successfully.


5. Withdraw fiat currencies from an Epay account to COBX account

Log in to your COBX account and click the top right button for the menu to slide out.

  1. Select “Funds” > “Deposit.

  2. Select the fiat which you want to deposit and click “Deposit.”

  3. Fill in the amount that you want to deposit and click on “Next”.
  4. You will be directed to your Epay account to proceed with the transaction.
    *** To avoid transaction failure, DO NOT close your browser or click the back button while you are being redirected to the Epay page.
  5. Log in to your Epay account, and then check if the payment is completed.

6. Trade fiat currencies on COBX

Trading pairs

Located at the top left corner, click this for the list of available trading pairs to drop down. In simple terms, trading pairs are two currencies you want to compare and then potentially exchange the value from one to the other based on different determining factors. Initially, we will provide three trading pairs of fiat now, which are USD/BTC, USD/ETH and USD/USDT.


COBINHOOD does not charge any trading fees for spot trading. COBINHOOD is a zero-fee exchange platform.

Order types

We support Market OrdersLimit OrdersStop Orders and Stop-Limit Orders for now.

***Click here to get more information about trading on COBINHOOD Exchange.

7. Withdraw fiat currencies from COBX to Epay account 

  1. Once logged in, click the top right button for the menu to slide out.
  2. Click Funds > Withdraw.
  3. Make sure you have passed the KYC level 3 and completed the 2FA setting.
  4. Select the fiat currency which you want to withdraw and click “Withdraw.”
  5. Fill in the Amount and the Epay Account which you want your fiat to be sent to, and Click “Next“.
  6. Enter the 2FA code and activate the email verification.
  7. Your fiat will be sent to your Epay account in a few minutes. Please check your withdrawal history on your funds’ page.


Nothing complicated, isn’t it? By using the new Fiat – Crypto feature you can enjoy some special limited-time campaigns:

  • Airdrop Missions: From 7/13 00:00  – 8/10 00:00, upgrade to Level 3 and get 10 Candy Machine tickets!
  • Bounty Programs: To celebrate the launch of crypto to fiat / fiat to crypto services on COBINHOOD, we invite all our users to join and share this exciting news via time-limited bounty programs.
    • To find more about our time-limited bounty programs: Medium

Please find below some useful information when trading Fiat – Crypto – Fiat on COBINHOOD:

  • On Epay, the minimum amounts with deposit and withdrawal are:
    • Minimum amount per deposit is $1,000 USD
    • Minimum amount per withdrawal is $200 USD
  • On COBINHOOD, the daily limitation deposit and withdrawal amounts are:
    • Daily limitation deposit amount is $15,000 USD
    • Daily limitation withdraw amount is $15,000 USD
  • USD trading pairs on COBINHOOD: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, USDT/USD
  • Costs for transaction/deposit/withdraw between Epay and COBX:
    • No deposit fee from Epay to COBINHOOD
    • No trading fee in COBINHOOD
    • COBINHOOD will charge 20 USD for withdrawing fiat to Epay
    • Withdraw fees may apply when users withdraw fiat from Epay to other external service providers that are not COBX (rates may vary depending on Epay)
  • Transfer from Epay to COBINHOO will be performed within 24 business hours, could take longer on holidays
  • At this point, Epay will only accept wire transfer for this feature.
  • This service is available worldwide except for users residing in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.
  • You cannot transfer your USD to other COBX accounts. This kind of internal transfer cannot proceed.
  • COBINHOOD KYC Level 3 Related:
    • Criteria for passing KYC Level 3: Email / ID verification / Selfie / Residence verification
    • Review process for KYC level 3 will take approximately 1-2 working days.
  • Epay Related:
    • Review process for Epay’s KYC will take approximately 1-2 working day, however, it will depend on Epay’s schedule.
    • Regarding Epay service fee and wire transfer fee, discounts may be offered during promotional periods, please refer to the promotion terms and conditions for details.

For more details visit:

Official Website:

Telegram Channel for instant and online help:


Proof of ownership: (to be used for COBINHOOD Bounty)
Email address:
Wallet address on COBINHOOD: 0x268658d2c742118240cF4802e64f6fC918B4a47a

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