KICKICO listed on COBINHOOD Exchange

KICKICO listed on COBINHOOD Exchange

What is KICKICO Project about?

KICKICO is an ecosystem, combining initiatives of entrepreneurs, investors and service-providers into a community that allows every participant to benefit. It is a community-based platform on blockchain, used to host fundraising campaigns, support, rate and discuss them, purchase their tokens via cryptocurrencies.

The platform is serving the interests of each and every user, giving authors an opportunity to communicate with their potential customers directly. Crucial feedback from the community will help them to find and fix their weak spots, meanwhile preparing their campaigns to be launched.

Investors, in their turn, are getting valuable information and various tools, drastically improving the token purchase decision making process, spiced up with pleasant bonuses.

Every member can affect the fate of each individual project and the industry as a whole by expressing his opinion and voting for campaigns they find worthy.

Our community’s development, expertise and its involvement into the ecosystem allows us to ensure it with the trust to choose campaigns, that will be launched on KICKICO.

The automated campaign scoring system and user rating are embodying the initial KICKICO vision: decentralization and community rule.

Its ERC20 Ethereum token, KickCoin, is a virtual currency, which is designed to be used by project authors for mutual settlements inside KIСKIСO: to pay for the launch of their fundraising projects, to purchase various attributes for fundraising projects, and for other internal processes and payments within the infrastructure of the KICKICO and KICKONOMY.

KickCoins are the way to receive additional 10% bonus tokens in the campaigns launched on the platform.

What is the goal of getting listed at KICKICO? What particular services does KICKICO provide? What benefits does a project obtain by being listed?

By creating a campaign on KICKICO authors can get instant access to our community and feedback from their potential customers – our community members. Listing your campaign in our Community Choice public rating allows you to probe the market and get your projects reviewed and rated by our users. After successfully paving your way to the top of the rating, author can apply for the pre-launch moderation, which calls in our team of experts, willing to take a deeper look at their project. At this stage campaign gets thoroughly analyzed along with the projects itself, the team, idea, and its implementation. You will get advices and feedback on how to make your campaign ready for its start and how to conduct and market it, how to manage your pr activities and community. After the launch itself we will promote your project via our media and broad user base.

What is KickCoin and what is it used for?

KickCoin digital ERC20 Ethereum token is a virtual currency, which is used by project authors and backers for mutual settlements inside KIСKIСO.

Authors pay fees in KICK to send their campaigns to the rating, to purchase various services for their projects and fine-tune them with the help of service-providers, and for other internal processes and payments within the infrastructure of the KICKICO and KICKONOMY.
Backers use KICK to verify their addresses, buy campaigns tokens with additional bonuses, and for any other internal settlements.

Most projects launched on the platform, are supporting KickCoin in various ways, starting with bonuses and preferences for approved token holders, and ending with accepting Kick as the only payment option.
This system provides the token with additional demand and liquidity, providing a seamless integration of numerous services with the KICKICO platform and its community.

KickCoin allows you to become a member of our community. It means:
• that you become a part of KICKONOMY (buy goods/services on the platform)
• that you can buy goods/services from our partners
• you can trade it on exchanges
• support campaigns on the platform
• get feedback and reviews from the experts

What is the monthly token emission?

The KickCoins issue was pre-programmed and will be implemented in accordance with the KickCoin’s Release Plan to protect the price of KICK from speculative risks.

During the first two years after the ICO, from October 2017 and ending September 2019, on the last day of each month at 9:00 GMT a snapshot of all KICK holding addresses will be made, and will receive a limited emission, determined by the balance at the time of the snapshot.

Each month the percent varies: 0,5%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, 6%.

The token emission calculator can be found here:

When and how do I get monthly token emission?

In order to receive bonus KICK, you need to have a KICK balance at the specified time on your address. Make sure that you have full access to the address where KICK is stored, including access to private keys.

Who is getting the token emission?

All Ethereum addresses, holding KICK tokens, are eligible. The origin of tokens is not important: crowdsale and bounty participants, exchange users are receiving tokens on the same conditions – at the end of every month till September 2019.

Will I receive a bonus on KICK, purchased on the exchanges?

Yes, you can purchase additional tokens on the exchange to receive a bonus. To get the bonus, make sure that KICK tokens are currently on the address to which you have full access, including access to private keys. Thus, the KICK tokens purchased on the exchange should be withdrawn from the exchange to your address to receive the bonus.

COBINHOOD – ZERO Trading Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange

COBINHOOD is the world’s first “ZERO Trading Fees” cryptocurrency exchange with the vision to maximize traders’ profits. Traders can now enjoy ZERO trading fees for spot trading and margin trading for up to 10x leverage.

Why to choose COBINHOOD?

Secured Crypto Asset Deposits

COBINHOOD stores the vast majority of the crypto asset deposits in an offline multisig vault, which requires 5 out of 8 geo-distributed hardware security modules to open. Furthermore, crypto assets stored in online wallets will be backed by insurance.

High-Performance Order Matching Engine

COBINHOOD‘s proprietary order matching engine can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency. The whole system is designed to be fully distributed, highly-available, and auto-scalable—achieving true real-time trading experience for traders around the globe.

ICO Underwriting Service

COBINHOOD positions itself as a global, authoritative ICO underwriter, i.e. crypto Goldman Sach, providing ICO Due Diligence, smart contract code review, and legal compliance review for ICOs with the vision to build a trusty ICO ecosystem.

Wide Range of FIAT Currencies Supported

COBINHOOD will support all mainstream fiat currencies. USD / EUR / JPY / KRW / CNY / HKD / CAD / GBP / AUD / NTD

Completely Universal

COBINHOOD’s website and app will support 10 major languages, covering 98% of the world’s population. English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / French / Portuguese / Arabic

Personal evaluation

Personally, I find COBINHOOD as one of the best exchanges on the market. KICK (and not only) can be traded easily and most important: ZERO TRADING FEES. Through the main strengths I would mention:

  • KickCoin(KICK) Trading Challenge: will start on 2nd of October.
  • COBINHOOD Support and Telegram group are both very active and can help with any issue you might face during the tradings.
  • KICK has currently an attractive price and buying/selling BM on COBINHOOD is free of fees:
  • Being a COB hodler and using COBINHOOD Exchange we have a lot of great benefits:
    • 50% off margin trading loan interest can be availed when paid with COB tokens.
    • COB token holders will be able to get future ICO tokens COBINHOOD underwrites at significantly lower rates.
    • Get 50% off withdrawal fees when you pay your withdraw fees with COB
    • COB tokens will be burned, quarterly
    • Trading Contests can only be participated by COB holders
    • Receive rewards & airdrops using your COB through the Airdrop Center
    • Accumulate COB Points that come with lots of additional benefits
      *Privileges for COB token holders may be subject to change in the future.

For more details visit:

Official Website:

Telegram Channel for instant and online help:


Proof of ownership: (to be used for COBINHOOD Bounty)
Email address:
Wallet address on COBINHOOD: 0x268658d2c742118240cF4802e64f6fC918B4a47a

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