TrustVerse (TVS) listed on COBINHOOD Exchange

TrustVerse (TVS) listed on COBINHOOD Exchange

What is TrustVerse Project about?

TrustVerse is a blockchain based intelligence platform for personal wealth management and a digital asset decentralization protocol. It manages and decentralizes all digital identities and proprietary information (such as iTunes, social media and subscription information) online as well as encrypted assets. When the transfer of managed assets and information is required, TrustVerse DAPP with Smart Contract Design helps to deliver it correctly and securely to the designated party.

TrustVerse’s asset management intelligence platform is powered by a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) deep neural technology and a multi-data financial portfolio optimization engine. The TrustVerse project began with the fundamental questions, “how do you safely protect your digital estate and other assets?”, “how can we reduce information asymmetry and maximize the utility of DAPP with niche and highly demanded service related to wealth management?”

TrustVerse aims to answer that question by providing practical services that enable current and future crypto asset owners to safely handle their assets and also to provide proper management service (Tax, Legal services and etc.)

What does the TrustVerse platform offer?

Synergy between AI and Smart Contract technology (AI as core engine and interface for DAPP service and smart contract for building transparency for the optimized portfolio design info)
– Life scheduling service via smart contract
– Safely protect your assets through private Smart Contracts and families with donation and inheritance design on a public chain
– Allows users to optimize their portfolio of tangible and digital assets (global equities and cryptocurrency)
– Integrated asset management platform that allows digital inheritance
– Protocol that enables encryption of all assets and digital identities
– Ensures legacy and inheritance panning through a private Smart Contract to the designated party with consensus algorithm
– Asset management platform with behavioral learning powered by an A.I. profiling engine and deep neural network and complex data structures network abided financial engine
– Utility token that provides access portfolio information and tax & legal services

TVS Token

TVS Token provides various utility value of service usage provided via DAPP.
– Prevents information asymmetry for constructed portfolio
– Improved credibility for asset management (Smart Contract, Transaction Record)
– Easy to manage digital estate and transfer assets via smart contract
– Seamless market feed and signal alert/ Rebalancing service
– Token usage for various financial services

TVS Token is a Dapp (Decentralized Application) which uses the smart contact on the ERC -20 standard and interface. TVS Token is developed on the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and uses Ethereum blockchain compatible with the EVM as its main platform. The TVS token allows a user to access a variety of information service by accessing the DAPP. For example, the user is able to refer to portfolio investment options via information provided through the platform and at the same time refer to multiple legal tax hedging options. The quantity of token is limited in supply.

Total Volume Issued: 1B TrustVerse Tokens = TVS = 1,000,000,000
– Total Sales Volume: 400,000,000 TVS (40%)
– Currency accepted: ETH
– Minimum Participation: 10 ETH
– 1ETH = 2,000 TVS
– The number of TVS per ETH varies on participation stages (Private, Pre-Sales, Public)

Token Distribution
All founders, team & advisor’s token will be lock-up/vesting for a certain period in order to protect the overall token price. Moreover, a certain amount of tokens from token sales also will be engaged in a lock-up period.
– Token Sale: 40%
– Eco-system/R&D: 30%
– Founder(Board Member): 20%
– Team & Advisors: 6%
– Partner Alliance & Market Development: 4%

Road Map & Token Distribution Rate

TrustVerse will issue and distribute its first White-paper through our landing page for the ICO( Our landing page will introduce our founders, team members and advisors for this project. Moreover, it will include core, base technologies, service models and business case. Our ICO activities will be updated seamlessly as well as our showcase in the news and media. As a communication channel in the TrustVerse ecosystem, we will operate a Facebook page, Telegram, WeChat and WhatsApp to share our update on technology development and partnership with our tech and financial partners. Our meetings, conferences and forum participations will be held in Seoul, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, U.S., Dubai and UAE and European countries to build a secure and stable community.

Business Structure
WEALTHTREESG PTE. LTD., headquartered in Singapore will focus on market development and business development for the Asia Pacific market. Initially beginning with Korea, China, Singapore and the Hong Kong market. Seoul and Korea will be the research and development (R&D) center for both AI (finance and chatbot) and blockchain technology. We will expand our coverage to U.S. and Hong Kong through joint partnership with major technology partners and financial related entities, along with recruiting the most talented individuals across the world to join our incredible team.

TrustVerse ICO Timeline

Founder and Team

COBINHOOD – ZERO Trading Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange

COBINHOOD is the world’s first “ZERO Trading Fees” cryptocurrency exchange with the vision to maximize traders’ profits. Traders can now enjoy ZERO trading fees for spot trading and margin trading for up to 10x leverage.

Why to choose COBINHOOD?

Secured Crypto Asset Deposits

COBINHOOD stores the vast majority of the crypto asset deposits in an offline multisig vault, which requires 5 out of 8 geo-distributed hardware security modules to open. Furthermore, crypto assets stored in online wallets will be backed by insurance.

High-Performance Order Matching Engine

COBINHOOD‘s proprietary order matching engine can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency. The whole system is designed to be fully distributed, highly-available, and auto-scalable—achieving true real-time trading experience for traders around the globe.

ICO Underwriting Service

COBINHOOD positions itself as a global, authoritative ICO underwriter, i.e. crypto Goldman Sach, providing ICO Due Diligence, smart contract code review, and legal compliance review for ICOs with the vision to build a trusty ICO ecosystem.

Wide Range of FIAT Currencies Supported

COBINHOOD will support all mainstream fiat currencies. USD / EUR / JPY / KRW / CNY / HKD / CAD / GBP / AUD / NTD

Completely Universal

COBINHOOD’s website and app will support 10 major languages, covering 98% of the world’s population. English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / French / Portuguese / Arabic

Personal evaluation

Personally, I find COBINHOOD as one of the best exchanges on the market. TrustVerse (and not only) can be traded easily and most important: ZERO TRADING FEES. Through the main strengths I would mention:

  • You can trade TVS very secure: both 2FA and SMS Authentication are available on COBINHOOD.
  • COBINHOOD Support and Telegram group are both very active and can help with any issue you might face during the tradings.
  • TVS has currently an attractive price and buying/selling TVS on COBINHOOD is free of fees:
  • COBINHOOD and TrustVerse built a strong collaboration. As a proof of a professional work on both sides, Cobinhood TVS Conversion completed earlier than expected. Now, all transaction including deposit and withdrawal is available.
  • Being a COB hodler and using COBINHOOD Exchange we have a lot of great benefits:
    • 50% off margin trading loan interest can be availed when paid with COB tokens.
    • COB token holders will be able to get future ICO tokens COBINHOOD underwrites at significantly lower rates.
    • Get 50% off withdrawal fees when you pay your withdraw fees with COB
    • COB tokens will be burned, quarterly
    • Trading Contests can only be participated by COB holders
    • Receive rewards & airdrops using your COB through the Airdrop Center
    • Accumulate COB Points that come with lots of additional benefits
      *Privileges for COB token holders may be subject to change in the future.

For more details visit:

Official Website:

Telegram Channel for instant and online help:

Proof of ownership: (to be used for COBINHOOD Bounty)

Email address:
Wallet address on COBINHOOD: 


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