Bitcoin and ICO ads, forbidden by Facebook

Bitcoin and ICO ads, forbidden by Facebook

Facebook’s social networking giant has a new advertising policy that prohibits the promotion of bitcoin and ICO, among others.

Rob Leathern, director of product management, wrote in a post on the official blog on January 30 that the new policies target “Facebook advertisements that promote financial products and services frequently associated with misleading promotional practices such as binary options, initial offers of coins and cryptocurrency

Leathern went on to say, “We want people to continue to discover and hear new products and services through Faceook ads without fear of scams and scams. That being said, there are many companies that promote binary options, ICOs and cryptocurrency that do not work honestly.

Most social networking users most likely put across commercials and ICOs, including some promising profits up to the sky and bonuses for those who sign up early. Other advertisements you may find on the platform promote investment advice on the crypto market.

Such advertisements, says Leathern, are targeted as part of a policy against possible fraudulent activities on the site.

Leathern added that the policy extends to other platforms under the Facebook umbrella, including the Instagram photo sharing application. He suggested that politics could be changed in the future, but did not explain when or on what considerations.

It’s a fairly wide-ranging promotional policy, it is deliberately so, which should better detect deceptive advertising practices. It will apply to all platforms, including Facebook, Audience Network and Instagram,” he wrote. “We will review the policy and the way it is imposed if we notice changes.

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