WeMakePrice online shopping platform in South Korea adopt payment with cryptocurrency

WeMakePrice online shopping platform in South Korea adopt payment with cryptocurrency

WeMakePrice, best known as Wemepu, one of the largest online trading platforms, is in the process of integrating into the payment systems of 12 cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin.

The collaborator in this approach is the Bithumb exchange platform, the largest nationwide in South Korea, which will integrate the cryptocurrency into the already existing OneThePay payment platform on WeMakePrice.

According to press releases made by WeMakePrice representatives, buyers do not need to have an account created on Bithumb to pay for their purchases, the purpose of which is to facilitate purchases regardless of the currency used.

The integration of cryptocurrency is part of our initiative to make payments as easy as possible for consumers and customers. We believe mobile applications, loyalty points and cryptocurrency are effective payment methods, “said WeMakePrice representatives.

In South Korea, most investors and businessmen have shown enthusiasm for the cryptomonas sector, particularly due to the government’s decision to regulate this market, but this is the first case of digital coin integration as a primary payment method by a major online trading platform.

However, large South Korean conglomerates, such as NXC (whose main activity is online gaming and having a turnover of 10 billion dollars) and Telekom SKT (the largest telecom and internet operator) are have been involved in cryptocurrency for a few years.

This is a major step in the development of the cryptocurrency sector in the region, which will lead to their adoption by other retailers and will promote their use by the general public.

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