Binance had a technical incident and was offline for over 48 hours

Binance had a technical incident and was offline for over 48 hours

Binance Exchange offline due to technical problems

The exchange with the largest volume of cripto transactions, Binance, suffered a technical incident that made the site stay offline for almost 48 hours.

On Wednesday afternoon, a technical maintenance session of servers extended far beyond normal time, which caused the rumors to be attacked.

Changpheg Zhao’s director and the official Twitter page of the exchange posted updates every two hours, apologizing for the situation. The reason behind the incident seems to be an error in reshaping the company’s database.

However, some Twitter users have accused the company of trying to cover the fact that the exchange was attacked, fact denied by Binance representatives. According to the statements posted on Twitter by Changpeng Zhao, the exchange provides users with a transaction log that will demonstrate that there is no hack, but only a delay from servers that synchronize databases.

They also made available to the public the two official addresses of Bitcoin and Ethereum to show that all the money was there (which at the time of publication contained the equivalent of 263 million and 151 million dollars).

With Server Servicing complete, at 6am (Romania time), users will have 30 minutes to change unfinished transactions.

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