Thanks to the mainstream press, the audience does not know what to think about bitcoin

Thanks to the mainstream press, the audience does not know what to think about bitcoin

Bitcoin in the press – Did you hear the bitcoin died? Or about the new currency that will be the new ether? A, and there is a cryptocurrency called the verge, the experts are giving a hint that they will grow this year. And let’s not forget about ripple. You’d better put your ripple jar at $ 3. Navigating in crypto space is also quite difficult for the most experienced. But for the general public, who gets news from the press, the situation is even worse. Uninformed reports and sponsored articles published as “news” spread even more confusion on the market.

How confusion spread

Bitcoin in the Press – When the bitcoin reached record highs in December, mainstream media sang hymns. All of a sudden, everyone from grandmother to shoe polish metaphor had an opinion on cryptocurrency. The masses exchanged deposits to soften their finger on the market. When the markets began to fall in January, these new entrants to the market were burning the most. Many have been shocked to see that they have lowered their portfolios so quickly. Some have given up altogether and chose to sell at a loss rather than bear financial agony.

The press is not to blame for the bitter price. We can understand that they were taken by the wave. It was expected. That’s their job to report the news. “Everyone buys bitcoin and the price is growing and growing,” it was the essence of the articles. Well-respected channels like the New York Times, Bloomberg and Reuters have enough resources to cover that space. However, there have also been poorly reputed politicians, and their reports of indecency are often condemned.

Tabloids bullshit – paid ads and reports without documentation

In the UK, three mainstream publications have excelled when it comes to topless articles about cripto – Mail Online, Sky News and Express. In an article of this week that they were talking about lowering the bitcoin, those at the Express advertised not to buy the world of ethereum but ripple, to think of a bitcoin pension and find out more about the 25% increase in bitcoin in 24 for hours. No wonder the average reader has no idea what’s going on. The same ads appear on all mainstream sites.

Even contradictory advertisements can be overlooked. But the quality of newspaper reports like Express are totally misinformed.

The express comes with expert opinions on the cryptocurrency market

It is the same publication that recently claimed that ripple can be mined. This week, Sky News has published – as news – a press release for an ICO created by British renowned British businessman Michelle Mone. Scottish entrepreneurship has a number of failed business and some dubious business practice by name. Nothing has been said about this and the article has long been deleted. The title, “I hope my new cryptomon to attract women to invest” has a very appealing introduction. “Baronesa Michelle Mone launches Equi cryptocurrency, which will allow users to invest in startups in the technology world.”

Whatever its ICO, it has nothing to do with helping women. The article is full of promises that the most experienced people immediately identify as exaggerated.

Accurate reports on cryptocurrency need journalists who know space and have some expertise. Otherwise, these platforms will mislead readers. They may even help the scammers. We do not want to talk about infamous phrase “fake news,” but the audience is a little more skeptical about the information it feeds on. Most, however, suppose that if a news item appears on a site with many visits, it certainly has to be true.

If the news does not make the difference between the dust in the eye and the legitimate cryptocurrency and does not understand the concepts of market volume and volume in circulation, it should refrain from giving investment advice or hiring the reporter who are able to do so.

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