GMO Internet plans to launch mining in the cloud in August

GMO Internet plans to launch mining in the cloud in August

GMO Internet, the IT company in Japan, has set out to launch the cloud mining service somewhere in August.

The company revealed last fall that it is investing tens of millions of dollars in mines to create a mining power purchasing service. By mining in the cloud, customers can buy power of hash and receive rewards throughout this process, minus any associated commissions. In the past, the model was quite controversial and associated with fraud. Several companies have sold it seems more power than they are actually processing. GMO Internet is, however, the most prestigious company that offers this service and one of the global Internet service giants.

GMO Internet made an announcement on February 9, saying they will start a series of events from March to promote the new service. They sell two-year contracts at a maximum of $ 5 million. The location of their mining farm has not been made public. So far, it is believed that they will carry out their activities somewhere in northern Europe.

“We have already been asked about our cloud mining service. So, starting March 2018, GMO Internet will hold information sessions in nine cities to cover the needs of companies and businesses around the world who have announced their intention to participate in the cloud mine, “the company said.

GMO says about the launch date that it is “indicative”

It is important to say that part of the tokens mined in the mining complex will be used by the cryptos GMO Coin exchange “to help increase diversification and liquidity on the crypto market.”

The company headquartered in Tokyo has made several ads related to new technology in recent months. These include an accounting and payroll system in bitcoin, which they say will be available to their own employees. GMO has also revealed services built around the functionality of tracking potential cases of money laundering and customer knowledge.

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