The Hungarians will still have a neighbor – the Liberland virtual state will have a national cryptocurrency

The Hungarians will still have a neighbor – the Liberland virtual state will have a national cryptocurrency

Economist Vit Jedlicka was present last year in Romania at d10e, where he presented an eccentric project. He wants, no less, than to make his own libertarian state called Liberland. He will receive donations in cryptocurrency and will launch his own national currency in the coming months. Already half a million people have applied for citizenship in the new “nation”, a 7 kilometer beach on the Danube, between Croatia and Serbia, 10 kilometers from the border with Hungary.

The situation in Liberland is still difficult. Croatian police still illegally charge all visitors and settlers, “Jedlicka said in an interview. “We are awaiting the exoneration from the Croatian Constitutional Court. So far, our settlement has moved by the river, where we host almost daily visitors.

Businesses in Liberland are emailed, WhatsApp and Skype, allowing 100 Liberland representatives from around the world to communicate with each other. The country is about to launch its own legislative system on the blockchain and will start distributing its own cryptocurrency, Merit, on April 13th. The date coincides with Liberland’s third anniversary. Everyone who pays taxes will receive Merit in return, which in practice gives donors participation in the country.

For many years, I have tried to lower taxes and regulations in the Czech Republic, but I suddenly realized that it would be easier to start a country from scratch than to repair an existing one. We have suffered 40 years of damage to our society in a communist regime. Unfortunately, the same people are in power today, “he says. “It seems the Czechs do not learn from their own history. We see the same problem in other European countries, where taxation and regulation are shaking prosperity.

The nation accepts donations in bitcoin, bitcoin cash and ethereum to carry out financial operations. The state budget is distributed in about 10 cryptocurrency. Putting yourself at the mercy of a volatile asset may be a bizarre idea, but Jedlicka does not get intimidated. “A few years in my life I worked as a financial market analyst,” he explains. “It’s one thing that gave me a pretty good idea about the system we live in.”

Libertone motto is “live and let others live.” The phrase is now not very simple for Jedlicka. He says in jest that he is still “on the plane” for the time being. Jedlicka travels all over the world trying to promote his idea and meet with representatives and other interested parties to create libertarian spaces in Africa and Central America.

Croatian police are currently engaging in a cat and mouse game with Liberland’s newest “citizens”, who are always arrested and taken out with force. Somewhere in 100 people have been arrested since Liberation was proclaimed in 2015. “We have been accused of having left Croatia and the illegal Schengen area,” says Jedlicka. Things are not as bad as his say. “It is a very simple confirmation that Liberland is not part of Croatia.”

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