How to buy PDATA

How to buy PDATA

What is PDATA ?

The PDATA token puts a value on personal data and creates a currency that expresses that value. Consumers can create a profile on the Opiria platform and start disclosing personal data, or granting permission for their personal data to be collected via e.g. a browser plugin, a smartphone app, wearables and smart devices, or through surveys. They can decide which data they disclose to the Opiria database.

The more they disclose the more valuable their profile becomes. Companies can ask consumers for permission to access their disclosed personal data via the Opiria platform. Consumers that consent to provide their data would trigger a smart contract between the consumer and the company. On this basis the consumer is paid with PDATA tokens and the company receives the requested personal data.

Why should you buy PDATA ?

PDATA Token provides utility for both the companies and the consumers. Companies need PDATA tokens in order to purchase personal data from consumers respectively to send them surveys. Consumers earn PDATA tokens by selling their personal data and by participating in surveys.

Owning PDATA Tokens increases the likelihood for a consumer to receive a “personal data request” from a company earlier than other consumers that own less PDATA Tokens. This gives consumers with more PDATA Tokens on average a small time advantage to sell their data to companies.

Utility for companies:

  • Buy consumer´s personal data from the database with PDATA Tokens
  • Spend PDATA Tokens to send surveys to consumers and receive specific personal data

Utility for consumers:

  • Receive PDATA tokens for selling personal data
  • Receive PDATA tokens for participating in surveys
  • Holding PDATA Tokens increases likelihood for receiving a “personal data request” from companies

How to buy PDATA

You can buy PDATA in 4 easy steps:

1. Create a Coinbase account
– verify your identity
– buy Bitcoin (or other crypto) by Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer

2. Create a Binance account
– as soon as you register to Binance you’ll receive an automatic e-mail asking you to verify your e-mail address.

5 Security Tips:
* DO NOT give your password to anyone!
* DO NOT call any phone number for someone claiming to be Binance Support!
* DO NOT send any money to anyone claiming to be a member of Binance!
* Enable Google Two Factor Authentication!
* Make sure you are visiting “”!

3. Transfer your Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance
– you can find out your Bitcoin address from Binance account by navigating to Funds / search “Btc” / click on “Deposit” / Copy Address

– to transfer the Bitcoin from Coinbase account just navigate to Accounts / BTC Wallet / Send / then paste your address copied at the step above.

4. Once your Bitcoin transferred to Binance account, you are free to buy PDATA in a few clicks: Exchange / Basic / Search “PDATA”

Disclaimer: due to crypto market high volatility, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Good luck and happy trading!

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